Monday, December 3, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli, # 6

From: Jaques
“Help me Your Eminence… I think I may be addicted to milk!”

Dear Jaques,
If you find yourself reaching from the milk-jug before noon and having to warm up a glass before you fall asleep every night, there may be a problem. Yes, you may desire it with your pasta and think its creamy sweetness with a plate of cookies will solve your problems- but any addiction can be harmful. I know from my childhood that milk can make you fat and goofy. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit I was a rather pudgy youth because of my indulgence in milk… Anyway this is about you-not me.
 In the case you are truly addicted and feel that dairy is taking over your life, cut yourself off from milk and all milk-products and do penance!
In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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