Monday, December 3, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratellli, # 10

From Lucio Fontani,

 “Eminenza, I have been thinking I might want to become a priest someday. What should I do?”

Dear, Lucio Fontani,

 This is wonderful news!! There is no moment more beautiful than when a young man decides to dedicate his life to God!
However, before deciding you might become a priest, ponder whether you enjoy being anonymous, overworked, lonely, misunderstood, ordered around, pushed aside, falsely flattered, and disregarded… and did I mention being overworked? If you find all of these things enjoyable, priesthood may be the correct vocation for you.
And my son, while you do think of these things and try to retain goodly composure and sanity, you will be in my prayers.
 Yours In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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