Monday, December 3, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli, # 8

From: Jacqueline,

“All of my friends are married or going to school or doing other things and I am very bored. How should I spend my time now that I am left with so much of it? Help me, Your Eminence, I’m going insane!”

Dear Jacqueline,

Do not despair and do not go insane for neither of these experiences are very pleasant.  Having alot of time on your hands is a gift from God, a time to grow spiritually and mentally, and to meet some goals, such as finally dusting those dirty bookshelves in your office, something which I myself have been putting off for a long time. In addition to growing close to God in prayer, there are plenty, long prayers you can learn- or make them up as you go along like I do, you could pick up a hobby or two. Gardening is very rewarding.
In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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