Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tea With Cardinal Fratelli, # 1

“Your Eminence, I love my beautiful girlfriend very much, she is the world to me. I am Christian and I want to save you know…that “special time” for marriage. However, lately, I am feeling tempted because she wants our relationship to be more physical. What do I do?


Dear Robert,
I know it can be difficult being young and having a beautiful girlfriend whom you love. However, it is vastly important to retain your virtue, both for the sake of your immortal soul- and to avoid bodily harm if her father finds out.  Remember to cherish your beloved’s more intellectual and spiritual attributes. If you are feeling tempted, still your mind and recite some prayers. The “Our Father” works very well.
When your girlfriend tries to make your relationship more physical, I suggest you do not yield to your urges but rather slap her on the wrist and say; “No means no!”

Yours in Christ,
His Eminence, Angelo, Cardinal Fratelli.

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