Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli # 4

From: X
“I don’t believe in God”

 Dear  X,
Look at the beauty of the world around you. I know when considering the evil that is in the world, it is hard to believe in a God, however do not forget the beauty and order that is in the world, in every creature, every little blade of grass and flower. Everything on earth shows evidence of a master design, even spiders as unsettling as they are.
It may seem that God is even cruel considering how many people believe that unless you hear God’s word in the Bible, you will go to hell. However, God does not damn those who through no fault of their own have never heard his Word. He may punish the wicked but He is Just. He takes into account the hearts of all men at judgment.
God is also there in the little quirks of life, those instances where it seems as if you are dreaming but you are awake. He has a funny way of allowing us to trick ourselves with our minds if we so chose but snaps us out of it by various situations…gravity for instance. Oh, you may not see God and find it so difficult to believe but there is Someone who sees and shares your every joy and sorrow. He is also present in the greatest of human emotions: Love.
Please sit alone in the beauty and silence of creation and open your heart. It is obvious something inside you is yearning or else you would have never written this. Search for the truth my brother because indeed Truth is a person and sometimes truth is found where we least expect it.

In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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