Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli # 3

From Josephine,

“Your Eminence, what is your opinion on Protestants?”

Dear, Josephine
Protestants are different. They have some strange ideas and strange notions on how the church should work. However, they are to be loved, like those odd members of our family who come around once a year, usually on Christmas, and argue with you. Sometimes, we get frustrated and want to yell “You are wrong!” – I know this has been my experience. Yet, should I have yelled, our fragile ties would be even more broken.
Yes, you may not agree with them and they might not agree with you but God says we are to love each other as we were first loved by Jesus Christ. Always remember that all Christians are children of God and believers on Christ. We all trust in the sacrifice of the cross for our salvation. This means putting up with the arguing and strangeness of our relatives and doing our best to make peace (even if we feel like locking them in the attic from time to time).

In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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