Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli #2

From: Ron Dee

(Bowing deeply.) Your eminence, I know of horrible difficulties here on the internet…you see, sometimes I think I know what I am doing, but it turns out that some of the time, I actually have no idea at all as to what I am doing, or at least what I am thinking I am doing.
And then I forget what I was doing when I got confused about what I thought I was doing, and, well, then it all starts all over again…(blush) I just so humiliated at myself sometimes, your Cardinalship…will you please say something that might help me???

Dear, Ron Dee,
There are times when all of us think we know what we are doing and then press ourselves onward thinking we can make no mistakes. I call these moments lessons from God, when he shows us how silly we are.
Computers can be very complicated but they are a reminder that we must be constantly learning new things and meeting the challenges our world offers. My own secretary had some troubles explaining the ways of facebook and google to me. I was very embarrassed by an incident when I searched for “old dolls” and ran into some very unsavory material!!
Consider it another lesson that God in his good time teaches us. Nothing makes the Lord laugh more than people who think they are important…I know this very well- especially when I trip over my own feet in the middle of the night, even cardinals end up making themselves look very foolish.

Yours In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli.

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