Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Short Respite

After a short respite, and cleaning my rather cluttered office, I've decided to come back and write something but alas I have nothing to write! Can you imagine a preacher having nothing to write?

I was surprised to find amongst my office clutter, two volumes of St Therese's "Story of a Soul". Guilt sunk deeply into my heart as I remembered I was to read one and give one to an old friend in London. I also found lone, dried fig on the floor. Oh no, have I been eating in my office? How long ago? Then I realized that my short respite wasn't very short at all.

Time can blur by when you're off visiting various churches, (I oversee about two-hundred!) readying for the Feast of the Nativity and the Mass of Epiphany. Perhaps you forget what color you're wearing as I almost did when entering the cathedral last morning in green vestments. Thank the Good Lord I had time to change them! You see, I was just so worried about this young priest who was questioning his vocation. Then I spent an hour consoling a flustered, old couple. It seems that no matter what our age or station in life, problems come to bother us!

And I'm afraid that we often conclude that we need more vacations or respites to solve them. But our solace isn't to be found in idleness... Nor as some wrongly conclude, is it to be found in heaping ourselves over with work! Perhaps amidst our daily cares, de-cluttering and figs that we find on the floor, we need to win quiet time with the Lord. Maybe we can tell him everything and he can tell us something in return? Maybe I can break out of this slothiness and begin anew my spiritual reading?

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