Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli # 14

From: Bill
“Cardinal Fratelli, let me be strait, I’m not Catholic but I’m not altogether opposed to Catholicism. My question is: why should we give so much respect to the Pope?”

Dear Bill,
Have you ever worked at a restaurant? We have many in Tuscany. When all the cooks work according to their skill and obey the master chef, everything comes out beautifully, the food tastes good and the service is polite. You may even get a free after-dinner mint.
However, when each cook is doing his own thing and ignores the head-chef, chaos ensues. The food tastes horrible, it’s burnt and the waiters are insufferably cranky… instead of dessert, you might get a pie in your face.
In every place, there is order and manager-ship. Without it, society crumbles. Common sense tells us that Christ’s Holy Church needs this too.
In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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