Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tea with Cardinal Fratelli # 15

From: Rebecca and Karen
“Dear, Cardinal Fratelli,
For our school project, we’re supposed to choose a role-model and write about them. My friend and I both decided to write our paper about you so tell us about yourself- and remember our grade is riding on this!”

Dear, Rebecca and Karen.
I am flattered that you see me as a role-model. God is the true source of goodness and only he can make me look good despite my clumsiness and vanity…
What should I tell about myself? Hardly anyone asks me about myself… Well, I am 34 years old, I grew up here in Lucca, which is in Tuscany, in Italy. My favorite things are tranquility and olives but I detest rudeness, disobedience and the color red. Yes, I know I must wear it every day… God likes displaying his wisdom with irony…especially if I’m involved.
In adolescence, I decided to give my life to God and become a priest. I treasure quiet, prayerful moments with the Lord when no one is around. Because I am the youngest cardinal of the Church, old age seems to ripen them for the job, I have difficult time getting respect, though it may seem odd to you. My secretary makes all these changes without telling me, my aunt behaves as if my decision not to marry is just criminal and when I meet people, they like to pretend my ring is invisible!
I’m sorry if most of this letter consists of my own vain prattling- but now, at least, you know something about me.
In Christ,
Angelo Cardinal Fratelli

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